April 2013 Proposed Changes Affecting EEA Nationals

A presumption that EEA nationals are not entitled to benefit after six months is to be introduced from 2014.

In a speech on immigration Prime Minister David Cameron said that, in early 2014, the government will create a statutory presumption that after six months an EEA national can no longer retain their status as a jobseeker or retained worker and continue to claim benefits, unless they can demonstrate they have actively sought work throughout that period and have a genuine chance of finding work.
In addition, Mr Cameron said that the habitual residence test will be strengthened in terms of the number, range and depth of questions asked, and that a 'loophole' - allowing certain claimants to claim contributory benefits based on their national insurance contributions despite not having the right to work in the UK - will be closed.
Other measures announced by Mr Cameron include the introduction of a local residency test in determining who should qualify for social housing and the requirement on landlords to check the immigration status of tenants.

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