October 2015 PIP Update

Reassessments for PIP are to be rolled out across Great Britain from October 2015 following small scale trials conducted in July 2015. As a result the Department for Works and Pensions (DWP) has announced that, from October 2015 PIP will be rolled out across GB to claimants that have a long-term or indefinite award of DLA.

In support of the rollout the DWP are testing a range of communications to raise awareness about the changes to see if they help claimants make a decision about whether to apply for PIP, and how to do so at the right time.

DWP has also set out information on average waiting times and award rates, on the nature of the award and characteristics of claims in payment including that

The average clearing time for normal rules new claims is 11 weeks

By the end of July 2015 985,400 claims to PIP had been decided, and, of these, 46,900 were under special rules for the terminally ill, and 146,300 were reassessed DLA claims

Award rates for new claims (normal rules) are 49 per cent and for reassessment claims (normal rules) 76 per cent

55 per cent of normal rules claims received a component paid at the enhanced rate with 20 per cent receiving the highest level of awards for both mobility and daily living.

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