June 2017 Fit for Work Disputes


A report published by the Department of Works & Pensions regarding Employment Support Allowance (ESA) shows that from December 2016 to April 2017, just 7 per cent of fit for work disputes are revised in the claimants favour following mandatory reconsideration and 86 per cent of ESA assessment outcomes were not revised following mandatory reconsideration.

From a total of 17,400 mandatory reconsiderations that were decided in April 2017


15,000 were not revised, compared with 2,400 revised in the claimants favour


12,000 (68 per cent) related to disputes about fit for work assessment outcomes with only 7 per cent of these resulting in a positive revision in favour of the claimant


16 per cent were disputes about which group the claimant was placed in, with 25 per cent of these decisions being revised and


16 per cent of decisions were made on disputes for reasons where the claimant had not followed the claim procedures, including failing to return the initial questionnaire, failing to provide medical evidence or not attending their assessment.

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