January 2007 - The Value of Development & Leadership

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The value of development is that it creates a space to clear your mind, focus, recollect a valuable experience, gain a sense of perspective, listen to your ‘gut’ instinct, be open to new possibilities and to clear your vision.

The aim is not just to manage demands more effectively but also to reconstruct the way you identify and handle blocks and opportunities.  And it is the way that individuals respond (or fail to respond) to opportunities that is the biggest surprise for many.


Is being busy the same as being successful?  Is speed the same as progress?  Or effort the same as achievement?


Data linking an organisation’s performance to the feelings and perceptions of it’s  employees has been sparse and so leaders have often ignored the importance of individual development and quality of leadership for ‘harder’ business objectives.


However, recent research is beginning to highlight this important area.  For example, a paper by Lyle Spencer (2001) found that for every 1% investment in employee development & service environment, there was a 2% increase in performance.

And in one study of Chief Executive Officers, the climate they created predicted the performance of the organisation in 75% of cases.

Increasingly, in organisations subjected to rapid change, increasing demand and reducing resources, the question becomes not can you afford to invest in development & leadership but can you afford not to?

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