January 2008 Professional & Personal Development part 1

Last week a client asked me if anyone could benefit from professional development.  Having given the question some thought I would say that development works best with individuals who are willing to be stretched, to move outside their comfort zone.

This may be because they have taken on more responsibility or a completely new role and they are not sure if they have the skills or confidence to meet any new challenges.  Sometimes people are not sure how to move forward and development can provide the opportunity to work through the issues  with someone.  But they must be committed to the process.


The benefits are not only for the individual.  The employing organisation gains from an individual’s improved capability (especially in terms of creative thinking and problem solving), revitalising a person’s approach to work and tapping into previously hidden resources.

Development is transformational and helps both individuals and organisations fulfil their potential.


In the next article in the series we shall examine what an organisation stands to gain from investing in worker development.


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