January 2013 Changes to PIP

The DWP has issued a new Information Bulletin to local authority housing benefit staff advising that -
‘DWP will be undertaking a significantly slower migration profile. This means DWP can take the time to learn from the early introduction of PIP – for example, by considering the findings of the first independent review to Parliament on the operation of the PIP assessment, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014

The peak period of reassessments will now fall around two years later which means there is more time to make sure the assessment is working correctly and that it is meeting individual needs.'
As a result, the revised PIP 'delivery timetable' is -
From 8 April 2013: New claims for PIP will be taken in a 'controlled start area' in the North West and part of the North East of England.
From June 2013: New claims for PIP will be taken in all remaining areas of Great Britain.
From October 2013: Reassessment for PIP begins for disability living allowance (DLA) claimants reporting a change in their condition, and the DWP will also start contacting those reaching the end of fixed period DLA awards and young people turning 16.
From October 2015: All remaining claimants in receipt of a DLA award will be invited to make a claim for PIP.  DWP will randomly select those recipients of DLA in receipt of an indefinite award or a fixed term award, and notify them about what they need to do to claim PIP. 

DWP has also announced that the enhanced and standard rates of both PIP components will be the same cash amount as under DLA. The exact rates of PIP are:


Daily Living Enhanced Rate           £79.15

Daily Living Standard Rate            £53.00

Mobility Enhanced Rate                £55.25

Mobility Standard Rate                 £21.00

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