June 2015 Carers Challenge the Benefit Cap


The High Court has ordered that a judicial review challenge to the benefit cap and its impact upon disabled people and their carers should proceed to a full hearing that must take place urgently. 

This follows the Supreme Court ruling that the benefit cap breaches the rights of children, meaning that they are not provided with adequate food, clothing, warmth and housing, the basic necessities of life.  Last year the Government also conceded that the cap had unintended consequences for victims of domestic violence living in  refuges, and so amended the regulations to remove refuges from the cap. 

This could have significant consequences, given that 58,000 households have had their benefit capped since April 2013. Of those 59 per cent had between one and four children and 35 per cent had five or more children, 63 per cent were single parents and 83 per cent were capped by £100 or less per week.

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