April 2017 No Housing Costs for Young Adults


From 1 April 2017 there will be no entitlement to the housing costs element of universal credit for new universal credit claimants aged under 22 subject to specified exemptions, savings and transitional protection for some claimants.

Young people who are renting and deemed to be unable to live with their parents are potentially exempt from this exclusion. The DWP has outlined a non-exhaustive list of circumstances where the exemption may apply to a young person that includes


Whose parents are deceased

Who have no parents living in this country

Whose parents have been or are in the process of being evicted

Whose parents are in prison or whose parents are prevented from entering the country

Where the remoteness of the parent’s home presents a serious barrier to finding work

Whose parental home would be overcrowded as a result of them living there

Who enter the UK as asylum seekers, refugees or as part of a government resettlement scheme who are not housed with their parents upon being granted this status


Where there has been an irretrievable breakdown in the relationship with the parents

Who are estranged from their parents as a result of their religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race or ethnicity

Who have been asked to leave the family home or are pregnant and unable to live with their parents

Who are former gang members or are attempting to reduce their involvement in a gang or are at risk of gang threats or violence in the area where the family live or

Who are homeless young people (including rough sleepers, sofa surfers, those being supported by a third party; and those helped under homelessness prevention duties)

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